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Claim studio is made up of a great team of professionals in charge of creating, developing and executing custom projects, offering a personalized service for each of your goals. Design, development, SEO, consultation, advertising and online marketing are some of the services in which we specialize.


Elaboration of professional design and visual communication projects no matter the means; web, graphic or digital. From small graphic pieces to integrated branding projects and big campaigns. The design job is performed with emphasis on the capacity and know-how of our team to develop communicative elements that take maximum advantage of our clients resources.


Each client's requirements are met by developing the technology and solution (mobile or web) that best adapts to the needs of every company or product. We create and plan in detail every job, to optimize the developing stages.

Digital Marketing

Officialy certified as experts on Google Adwords platform, we create, develop and implement integrated digital campaigns. Taking care of the conception of the idea, creation of the strategy, designing of the different design pieces, development of landing pages, monitoring and final outcome of the campaign


We work with diverse techniques, strategies and modern tools to make your site grow traffic-wise and locate itself in the best positions of major search engines


A team of professionals in diverse areas allows us to propose and advice our clients integrally, covering fundamental points in medium, large and even startup companies. Among some of our advisory areas are: branding, corporate identity, communication, social media & marketing.


Produce a great impact on the target audience, prove the brand's identity, highlight the uniqueness that allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors are some of the branding's goals. Claim Studio guides you in the best way and performs an optimum job from planning to execution.






We are open from 09:00 to 18:00hs (UTC/GMT-3),
Outside these hours you may contact us at 099 26 27 22.
Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly answer your query.

Claim Studio

Manuel Otero 6313 Montevideo, Uruguay

phone: (+598) 2603 8876


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